Thermo Sweat Exercise Shaper

Product Description

Burn baby burn! This is the #1 Best selling sweat waist trainer. This shaper is made with the high quality material Neoprene (neo sweat technology) for superior heat insulation. This process increases your core temperature during exercise and during daily mommy activities. The combination of heat and sweat promotes weight loss and the reduction of inches around your waist.

  • Comfortable and lightweight -- undetectable under clothing
  • Stretchy fabric molds to the shape of your body
  • Heats up your core for increase sweat, promotion of weight loss, water loss and reduction of waistline. 
  • This is NOT meant to be worn as a waist trainer but rather an exercise shaper to use in conjunction with exercising to help increase sweating around your mid-section.
  • Hand wash ONLY.

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$ 9.99