Mega Snap Back - Mega Compression Shaper

Product Description

If you are looking to SNAP your abdomen quickly BACK into shape right after having a baby... this is the shaper you need. This shaper is infused with 9 steel bones to provide MEGA compression. In addition to the 100% latex exterior, another layer of high quality rubber is added for maximum thermal activity to mobilize fat cells and high abdomen perspiration. Full coverage over the entire torso from top to bottom of abdomen. 

  • Triple threat - can be used as a postpartum recovery shaper, fitness shaper and under garment corset
  • 100% latex and high quality rubber for superior core thermal activity
  • 9 steel boned for strong support & mega compression
  • The robust compression allows for quicker reduction of abdomen weight post baby
  • 3 rows of hooks allows for easy adjusting for the shrinking midsection and for needed comfort
$ 39.99