Transition Post Pregnancy Styles

Transition Post Pregnancy Styles

Postpartum Leggings Postpartum FashionIn the beginning months of your pregnancy, when you are first starting to show, your regular jeans and tops begin to get a little snug. You might strain to get your favorite pair of jeans buttoned or realize that your usual tank tops are riding up a bit. This same issue occurs after your pregnancy when your maternity clothes are too big, yet your baby weight prevents you from fitting comfortably into your pre-pregnancy styles. These stages of early and post pregnancy call for the aptly named "transition wear", clothing great for early pregnancy and after, when you are not quite back to your pre-pregnancy weight. There are several brands which make great transitional clothing, where an extra room in the waist and bust is provided without looking like maternity clothing.

Pants can often be a difficult item of clothing to fit, especially during this transitional period. In the beginning stages of pregnancy, your pre-pregnancy jeans become snug to the button, and the maternity jeans are too big. After pregnancy, this same issue reoccurs. One great trick during these transitional periods is the Bella Band by Ingrid & Isabel. This elastic transitional piece is incredible for all stages of your pregnancy and will help you transition smoothly in the early months of pregnancy to after your baby has been born. When your pre-pregnancy jeans are a bit too tight, slip the Bella Band over the waistline with the pants unbuttoned. This will give you the extra room while still keeping your pants in place.

In the beginning, when maternity pants are still a bit too big, you can wear the Bella Band over the waistline and it will make them fit snugly. Coming in a variety of colors, the Bella Band is a great investment. Another great transitional piece is a trendy pair of sweatpants. Sleek and in style, sweats designed for transitional wear do not look like maternity clothes and provide comfort before, during, and after your pregnancy. The Bella Band Essentials Everyday Soft Pant is stylish and figures flattering. It can be worn in a number of ways, from folding the waistband underneath a smaller belly to wearing it unfolded over the belly during the later months of your pregnancy. So many women today, pregnant or not, wear cute, boot cut stretches pants and these from Ingrid & Isabel work for pregnancy or after. Since the fabric is super soft and sleek, they can be dressed up or down and can be paired with a variety of tops.

After pregnancy, there are several ways to camouflage that bit of extra baby weight. One option is to look for tops with an interesting neckline. This will draw the attention upwards and create visual interest around your face. Another great option to consider is a fitted blazer or jacket. A structured jacket provides shape and style while camouflaging anything you might not want to show. Overall, there are many pieces which will work well during the early stages of pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Find your favorites styles, and you will look and feel great throughout your pregnancy.


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