As Twitter fate would have it, I happened to stumble across an account that will forever change my post babymaking game! Treasured Body Shapers is a company dedicated to helping mothers achieve the ultimate postpartum snapback.

Yes, your dreams have come true, and all hope is not lost.

CEO and founder of the company Milande David was able to craft the perfect product just for us because she too is a mom. After struggling with living as a corporate employee, Milande finally decided to jump into entrepreneurial waters. Like most who venture out as business owners, Milande would describe herself as a serial entrepreneur. This boss mom got her start successfully running a makeup company in Miami. Milande and several of her makeup artists would frequently be booked behind-the-scenes beating faces for some of today’s biggest artists and celebrities.

As David’s career began to soar, she made the tough decision to put her dreams on hold to care for her ex-husband who had been diagnosed with cancer. Valuing her role as a mother and her family, she moved to Tampa and settled back into corporate life. While it was most uncomfortable, Milande remained at her job for eight years, before answering the beckoning call of self-employment. Inspired by her desire to have more time with her children, Milande decided an online store would be the perfect way to support her family without missing out on life’s most important moments. After much brainstorming, research and two children, Treasured Body Shapers was born.

David confessed to gaining over 120 pounds during both of her pregnancies and weighing in at 250 pounds postpartum. Like most women, she was unhappy with her weight and despite working out and eating right her stomach was just never the same. Treasured Body Shapers are crafted specifically with mom’s in mind. Noting that no pregnancy or birth is the same, Milande and her creators came up with several postpartum waist trainers that would get the job done for everyone.

Treasured Body Shapers Postpartum Recovery and Postpartum Fitness shapers come in varying designs to provide moms with just the snatch they are looking for. The recovery shaper designs include their Signature 3-in-1 Shaper and the Simple & Gentle Tummy Shaper. As the company’s best-seller, the 3-in-1 shaper provides the most coverage, while being specially designed to fit and support healing of C-sections and diastasis recti. The Simple & Gentle Tummy Shaper is a lightweight corset, perfect for first time support users, as well as first time moms. The lightweight design is undetectable under clothing, while still providing firm and full abdominal coverage.

If you’re a mom with a jogging stroller that needs to be broken in, these Postpartum Fitness Shapers are all the motivation you need. With three designs, the Mega Snap Back Compression Shaper, Postpartum Triple Threat Waist Trainer, and the Thermo Sweat Waist Trainer you’ll be ready to renew your gym membership. These designs offer optimum compression coupled with quality latex and neoprene material to induce sweating and ignite cellular fat burn. Each is just comfortable enough to be worn during a light workout, intense cardio or circuit training.

During my pregnancy, I gained about 50 pounds. I nursed my daughter until she was two-years-old, and due to breastfeeding (and probably general stress), I lost about 80 pounds leaving me to weigh 130 pounds postpartum. Never in my life had I ever been so small. Today I am much closer to 200 pounds than I’d like to be.

Over the next few weeks I will be taking Milande’s Mega Snap Back Compression Shaper for a spin. Join me on my journey to salvage whatever is waiting for me under these few extra pounds. I will be documenting my progress via Instagram: @Danielle_Elaine, and Snapchat: Dan_e12. Check back here for a full review of my shaper, and comment below if you’ve tried post baby tummy wraps.

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