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Belly bands for pregnancy are garments made of elastic materials that conform comfortably to the pregnant woman's ever-expanding tummy. A Belly band itself is a wide, stretchy strip of flexible fabric that loops around a woman's midsection. It gently pushes the belly upward and inward, comfortably creating a supportive form of shapewear for the pregnant woman.

In addition to tummy control, it relieves back pressure via belly lift, shifting the woman's uneven weight distribution in a way that assists posture and balance. Belly bands are seamless and boneless, and therefore can be worn under clothing, helping to create smooth lines. They exert very little pressure, so there will be no pinching of the skin.

Belly support bands are flexible belt-like garments that are used to control and support the pregnant woman's growing baby bump. While most women purchase these garments in early to mid-pregnancy, many find them useful long after childbirth has taken place. These bands are typically manufactured from soft, pliant fabrics, in blends that often include cotton, nylon, Lycra, and spandex.

Unlike traditional shapewear, they do not have seams or boning and are not meant to literally cinch or nip the waistline. Instead, they are used to lift the abdomen and therefore provide pain and pressure relief to the lower back.

Early in pregnancy, belly support bands are often used to extend the life of the woman's pre-pregnancy wardrobe. To do this, it is worn similar to a wide belt, covering the belly but also the button fly area of the woman's pants or jeans. This way, the pants can be worn undone, yet covered and held in place.

During this stage, women also love the light tummy control it provides, helping to her waistline looking smooth and trim-looking despite the subtle expansion. At this phase, many women are still concerned with their appearance, and belly bands can eliminate the bumps and bulges that are the first signs of pregnancy.

The woman's second trimester often brings a more pronounced belly. By this time, many women find that shirts and blouses from their existing wardrobe are becoming too short to cover their abdomen. Some may find this cute, but others prefer a bit more coverage. Wearing a belly band during this time is an easy solution to that problem. Additionally, women will start to wear more and more maternity-style pants. Bands can help keep those in place as well, which is very helpful with those pants that may be a little hard to adjust.

During late pregnancy, women often use belly support bands as belts, worn completely under the belly and the back, thereby providing the most support possible. Soon after childbirth, they can be used to cinch those maternity pants that are now too large and to help with control while the woman awaits a return to form.

For the nursing mothers, they can continue to be worn on the mid-section, rendering under-breast support and tummy control, or as a shirt for extra coverage. Belly support bands are very versatile, and are popular for this reason - they have an almost unlimited number of uses from early pregnancy to postpartum and beyond.


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