What to Consider When Purchasing a Postpartum Girdle

What to Consider When Purchasing a Postpartum Girdle

Wearing a postpartum girdle has definitely become more popular over the years. Because of this, your options for a postpartum girdle are now limitless. This, unfortunately, makes for a rather difficult selection process when shopping around. 

Here are a few tips on things to consider to help with your postpartum shapewear selection process:


1. Material/Fabric

It's very important that you choose a postpartum girdle that is made with the right fabric in order to gain the effective support you desire. There are 2 main fabrics for postpartum shapers --- Spandex and Latex.

Spandex and/or lycra provides the needed support after a c-section. This fabric is more gentle across your sensitive tummy than latex. This is also the fabric to search for if you are looking for a postpartum stint for diastasis recti. Diastasis recti is the separation of the abdominal muscle that runs down the center of your abdomen. This most often occurs after pregnancy. Using a spandex (stretchy fabric) postpartum shaper in conjunction with restorative exercises can help to treat this. The postpartum fabric is binded on your tummy helping to gently pull the muscles back together. Wearing a corset or latex can cause more damage than good as these materials are meant to train your waist and provide a more aggressive compression. Spandex is also more breathable. This breathable option is best for those who are new to wearing postpartum shapers and/or looking for a mild postpartum corset. 

Latex provides the best results for those seeking a more firm compression. It is also the best option for those looking for a fitness shaper. The latex fabric creates ultimate insulation around your abdomen resulting in both firm compression and thermal activity that mobilizes fat cells during exercise and daily activities. 


 2. Comfort

No shapewear is comfortable. However, you can determine the extent of your discomfort. The lighter the material the more comfortable. The downside is that you lose compression. If your goal is to lose weight around your tummy, then compression would be priority over comfort.


3. Measurement

To measure yourself for a postpartum girdle, use a measuring tape and measure around the most narrow part of your waist which is just above the belly button. For postpartum shapers that cover your hip, measure around the widest part of your hip. If you are pregnant, use your pre-pregnancy weight to determine your size. If you are pregnant and have beautifully gained over 20 pounds, select 1 size larger than your pre-pregnancy size.


4. Cost

Lastly, postpartum girdles should not cost you an arm and a leg. There are several retailers that offer postpartum girdles for $80 and up. If you visit sites like Treasured Body Shapers, you will find postpartum girdles starting at $34.99.

Hopefully these tips will help you filter through the assortment of postpartum body shapers and get you on the right track to finding the best postpartum girdle for your needs. 


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