The Truth About Postpartum Girdles

The Truth About Postpartum Girdles

More women today are turning to alternatives that will help them achieve their pre-baby body fitness goals faster. A far less evasive alternative to surgery is postpartum corsets. Postpartum corsets have been around for ages in the Latin, Caribbean and European cultures. Only recently have this trend picked up speed in the United States because of celebrities. Celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Brooke Burke, Kourtney Kardashian, Nia Long, Ali Landry, Lisa Ling and more have given credit to their postpartum girdle for helping them to return to their pre-baby body. 

Despite the many praises received by thankful postpartum corset users, many are rightfully skeptical. It makes sense to be skeptical of so much credit being given to a piece of fabric. 

Well, coming from a true postpartum girdle user, here is the RAW truth about postpartum girdles. 


#1 - Postpartum Girdles ARE NOT Magicians

Because of all the praises that postpartum shapers receive, people automatically assume that it does ALL of the work for you. No, you cannot slap a postpartum girdle on and spend the afternoon on the couch and expect for you to lose inches around your waist. These girdles are to be worn in addition to your postpartum fitness routine. Physical activities such as daily mommy duties, workout sessions, walking, jogging and running help to accelerate thermal activity in the core while you are wearing the girdle. Increased physical activity while wearing the corsets help your stomach to sweat. This in turn helps you to lose inches around your waist. 

#2 - Postpartum Girdles ARE NOT The Only Way To Lose Your Postpartum Abdomen

Some people are genetically blessed and do not have to do much of anything to gain their pre-baby body. While others have to put in a little more sweat equity. In addition, overtime you may lose all of the weight in your abdomen --- just not as quickly if you used a postpartum girdle. For me, I didn't use a girdle after having my 10 pound son. 1 year later, I lost all of the weight but still had some work to do with my abdomen. When I decided to use a girdle after having my daughter, I lost my postbaby tummy in less than half the time. Postpartum girdles are best for those who are not genetically endowed and for those looking to get back in shape much quicker. Read my full story here.

#3 - There Is No Such Thing As A Comfortable Girdle

Postpartum girdles are meant to compress. Along with the compression, the postpartum fitness girdles are made with latex to provide core thermal activity in addition to the compression. The only way for this to work is that the girdle is fitted and tapered to your abdomen. For first time corset users, this process is not so comfy. It may take some time for you to mentally become comfortable. Some start by wearing it one hour a day and gradually increasing that time the more they become adjusted. Those, like myself, who have seen and experience the dramatics results, can wear these puppies 24/7!


Overall, there are many benefits to wearing a postpartum girdle. Every woman's body is different. It is up to you to understand your body and decide the best approach. If you are a new user to postpartum girdles, start slow and ask your doctor for advice. 

Frankly, if you are trying to avoid going under the knife and eager to get back to your pre-baby body, with diet and exercise -- postpartum girdles are the best way to go!


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